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New Year, New You

Embrace your feelings this year. Tell someone you love them. Tell someone to fuck off. Tell someone, “Yea, you know what, I DO want that second hotdog”. We love you, we support you, we wish you the best this 2019. Let us help you feel those feels. We know there’s a song on here for you. Do you ever cry? Do you like dogs? Do you ever wonder if anything at all actually ever means anything? Do you wish someone would leave already? Do you wish someone would stay? Do you wish your dog would finally learn how to stay? Ugh, get it together, Bongo. If you’re a person or a robot that slightly resembles a person, then we are certain there is at least one line of some verse on here that you might consider relatable. I mean, even if you don’t, we would still like to keep you company on your 2019 crusade. Place us in your ears, on your step-Dad’s old record player, keep us in your 98’ Volkswagen Jetta. Wear our faces on your torso, place our button on your lapel, keep us in your heart. You’ll never again have to trek it alone. We got you, homie.

We can do this. Together. With Rain in the Face. ZING!

Also, I know the author says Joe Rinaldi, but it’s really me, Stacey. I hacked in here and they don’t have me listed as an option to actually post anything. BUT LOOK AT ME NOW! See?! We are so strong already!


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